10 tips to solo travel

Solo traveling can seem incredibly daunting, however once you do it it’s totally worth it. Most of my friends have partners which means that when it comes to holidays they will go with them. Obviously this is completely understandable but being a single woman it meant that I was missing out… a lot. I had always considered solo traveling but it wasn’t until watching @daintydressdiaries and her trip to Lisbon that I realised I needed to do it. So in October 2018  I took the plunge and went on my first solo trip to Cardiff. From that I’ve come up with 10 tips to help you on your first solo adventure, good luck!

  1.  Start of small – for my first solo trip I went an hour up the road to a place I knew well, by visiting somewhere you already know you’ll feel much more comfortable.
  2.  Plan your trip – you don’t have to follow your plan but knowing it’s there to follow if you want it can be very reassuring.
  3. Do your research –  research your area, attractions and food options, by doing this you’ll be prepared and know whats available.
  4. Book a table – eating alone can be a scary thing, but by booking a table you have guaranteed a spot, also you can research the menu and plan your order beforehand. If you don’t fancy a restaurant try a pub or chain, they are much more relaxed and some of them have apps where you can order your food to your table.
  5. Take a book – or phone, or anything that can distract you while out for dinner, however if you’re comfortable people watching then go for it!
  6. Be hotel wise – trip advisor is there for a reason, use it. Check the location, make sure it’s close to the things you’re planning to visiting. Also always check the reviews.
  7. Have a back up plan – no one likes to think that something bad can happen on holiday, but it does, always have a plan. Keep in contact with family and friends, take some extra cash and if you find the whole experience overwhelming it’s OK to take 10 and hide in your hotel room.
  8. Book an activity – going away for longer than a night can become lonely, book an activity like a group tour or something you’d enjoy, relatable to your hobby. It can be scary meeting new people but you’ll find a lot of them are in the same situation.
  9. Follow your instincts – if something makes you uncomfortable then avoid it, trust your gut.
  10. Breathe and enjoy – relax you’re on holiday!

I hope my top 10 tips help you out on your first solo adventure. Take your time and enjoy every experience. Good luck!

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