Traveling is a good way of finding some release from the everyday pressures of your mind. It allows you to focus on something new and exciting, as well as taking over your days, keeping you busy. However when it comes to anxiety sometimes a holiday can create a panic. The fear of the unknown can play with your mind causing you to stress and worry that things will go wrong. It’s important to come up with your own way of dealing with this, whether it be creating an itinerary, returning to the same place, or taking someone with you that you feel confident enough to put in charge. It has taken me many years to overcome my anxiety of a holiday, but now I look forward to the journey.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.


10 tips to solo travel

Solo traveling can seem incredibly daunting, however once you do it it’s totally worth it. Most of my friends have partners which means that when it comes to holidays they will go with them. Obviously this is completely understandable but being a single woman it meant that I was missing out… a lot. I had… Continue reading 10 tips to solo travel

My solo trip to Cardiff

Traveling has always made me nervous, the fear of the unknown. My friends always laugh because I’ll research the place I’m visiting, plan each day and know the layout of the area like the back of my hand. I like to be prepared, however I found that I would spend most of the trip on… Continue reading My solo trip to Cardiff

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