Create your own tassel basket

I am always finding items around my house that I never use, simply because they have no character. I am a huge fan of colour, so when I discovered this old wicker basket up the attic I knew I had to up cycle it.

All you will need for this project is:

  • Wool (any colour)
  • A basket
  • Scissors
  • Yarn knitting needle
  1. Your basket can be any size or shape you wish, just make sure you have enough wool to make enough tassels for the entire thing. Give your box a good clean to remove all built up dirt.

2. Wrap your wool around your four fingers at least 20 times until you have enough for a decent sized tassel.

3. Remove the string from your hand and place down flat, keeping it in a circle. Cut off a small piece from your ball of wool and tie it through the centre of your circle, holding your string together neatly. Lay the ends of the string at the top away from your circle.

4. Cut off another piece of wool and tie it one finger down from the top, it should create a lovely tassel. Once this is done you can tidy it up by trimming the bottom to ensure it is all the same length.

5. Thread your two pieces of wool at the top through your needle, and use it to help you position you tassels. Once through tie into a knot and trim the ends. Continue like this until your basket is covered.

I decided to use my basket to keep my knitting wool together, however you could create this item to hold anything. This is a nice easy tip to add a bit of character to those boring pieces around the house.

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