Who are we? What makes us different from the others around us? We all have something unique about us, something we are passionate about. Maybe you haven’t found yours yet, but give it time. It’s only recently that I  discovered my love for craft, food and rabbits. Yes you read that correctly, rabbits. When people ask what my passion is the last thing they expect to hear is that. But it’s true, I find rabbits fascinating. After adopting my therapy rabbit I found myself researching everything I could about them, and now if you asked me a question I’d know the answer. Don’t fall into that trap of following the crowd, you can be passionate about anything! Turn it into a hobby, join a group with similar interests or share it with the world, and soon you’ll find your happiness will slowly grow.

Cookie stuffed cupcakes

So before I become a teaching assistant I was actually a self-employed cake designer and blogger. I loved it to begin with, but found that I slowly began to resent it, as it turned from a hobby into a business. The Messy Kitchen was a huge part of my life but I’m glad it’s over.… Continue reading Cookie stuffed cupcakes

How to make a pine cone garland

3 . Cut some ribbon and tie in a bow around the top of the pine cone, securing with some glue. Let dry and then place along your fireplace, it’s that simple! I loved this craft and thought it added a lovely touch to my fireplace.

Boho chandelier

I’ve wanted to purchase one of these for quite a while, but they are pretty pricey and I wasn’t willing to spend lots of money on something I knew I could do myself. In all honesty it’s not perfect, but I’m really happy with it, especially as it cost me under £10. You will need:… Continue reading Boho chandelier

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