Your new mental health bible

When I discovered that there was a magazine dedicated to mental health I knew I had to buy it. I spent days searching and finally found it in my local Tesco extra. I got it home, made myself a nice cup of tea, cwtched up on the sofa and started to read. Two hours later I was finished and thrilled with my discovery. Happiful was my new favourite magazine.

This is a mental health bible, it contains so many interesting stories, studies and useful information as well as catering to a vast majority of mental health issues. Each month comes with something useful, such as a self care book or helpline guide poster. There are also no adverts, instead you’ll find pages containing inspirational quotes to help you power through the day.

The magazine is priced at £4, however there is also an option for you to view it in PDF format free from their website. You can join a subscription for £40 a year where you will only end up paying for 10 magazines, meaning you get 2 free! As well as that, the magazine is delivered straight to your door and you are given the option to enter competitions, prize draws and feature in the magazine.


As cliche as it sounds happiful makes me happy, I look forward to my monthly purchase as it not only helps me with my own mental health but also teaches me about ones I may not be as knowledgeable of. Reading other peoples journeys lets me know that I am not alone. If there is one thing you buy this month it’s this, this may sound like an AD but honestly for someone who suffers with mental health issues this magazine has not only helped me understand my illness but made me realise that it’s OK to talk about it. It’s important to share the things that help you and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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