Therapy pets

One of my main struggles is showing affection, I don’t like to let people in for fear of rejection. This means that I struggle to hug people and can sometimes come across as distant. It impacts on my life quite a lot because when I’m feeling down I don’t feel like I have anyone to turn to.

I’ve had pets my entire life, however after losing my rabbit Poppy I decided that getting another pet was a bad idea. That was until I went on a shopping trip with a friend to Pets at Home to look at the animals. I saw her in the adoption sections, her name was Patch and I knew I had to have her.

She was up against the glass looking at me and I knew as soon as I saw her that I needed her. So the next day I rang up and asked to have her. I was told she was aggressive and that I would had to wait a week as she needed microchipping. When I went to pick her up I was again told how angry she was towards people but that didn’t change my mind. She came home with me and became my child. It was a struggle, I was bitten, growled at and ignored for months but I spent so much time with her that within a few months we were thick as thieves. She would lick me, snuggle up and do bunny flops which meant she felt safe. I loved her so much and if ever I felt down I would go to her for comfort.

However just after her 1st birthday she passed away unexpectedly. I was heartbroken, I screamed, I cried and no one could understand why I was so upset over a rabbit. At first I thought that another rabbit was a bad idea but having no one to comfort me was a struggle, so a few days later I adopted George. Some would say it was too soon but for me I needed something to love and losing Patch meant there was a huge hole in my heart that needed filling.

George was sweet from day one, he bunny flopped, licked and loved a hug. I still missed Patch but I enjoyed having something to focus on. My day revolves around my rabbits, and it gives me something to focus on. It keeps me grounded. They are my therapy pets and without them I would be a withering mess.

However if you are considering get one it’s important to consider a number of important factors. Firstly ensure you have enough time for them, your pet isn’t just there for you, you need to be there for them as well. They need lots of interactions as they can get lonely. Secondly consider your budget, pets can be very expensive, as well as food and bedding you need to consider pet bills, toys, medication etc. Finally consider your own mental state, having them can be such a joy, however losing them can crush you. Sometimes I find myself panicking about what will happen if George passes away, and I’ve become a hypochondriacs, and have taken George to the vet on numerous occasions.

But they are worth every second, my therapy bunnies save me every day, they are the reason I get out of bed, and honestly whenever I feel suicidal they are the reason I don’t go through with it. So if you think you are ready for a therapy pet I highly recommend as they give a lot of love.

The best therapist has fur and four legs.

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