Novembers Birchbox

So black Friday means sales, sales and more sales. and my favourite was Birchbox! I’ve always wanted to try them but never wanted to pay full price for a box in case I didn’t like it, so I put it off. Birchbox had a deal on where they were charging £5 + postage for two boxes, so I took the plunge and signed up. I was so excited for my delivery and when it arrived it was like Christmas had come early!

I received the nutcracker November box as well as the Etsy box.

The November nutcracker box

Novembers box was based around the new film the nutcracker by Disney. The design of the box was beautiful. Inside were five items, three of which were full size.

Spacemask RRP £3.50

This Spacemask is self-heating, infused with Jasmine, and will help you relax.

Dr Paw Paw lip balm RRP £3.95

This product is made from fermented Paw Paw which sounds gross but it helps with natural healing as well as moisturising.

Marcelle BB cream RRP £25.50 (for full sized)

This BB cream gives you a lovely golden dewy complexion. It evens skin tones, as well as controlling shine, and giving you that lovely glow. This item is not full sized.

Polar night cream £32 (for full sized)

This night cream is meant to brighten your skin overnight. It contains boreal algae which reacts with blue light from the moon boosting cell renewal. As to whether this actually happens who knows, however you should wake up with a healthy looking complexion. This is not full sized.

Mann Kadar cosmetics dust roller £15

This was probably my favourite item in the box. I was lucky enough to get the colour enchanted which was a lovely copper. The item is incredibly pigmented and applies easily.

Overall I was thrilled with my November box. I’d use all the items, and I feel you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Etsy box was released a few months ago and each box and item was created by a store selling on Etsy.

Dirty little secret RRP £10.50

I received this in the colour fetch, it’s a lovely smooth consistency and is a light brown gold. It would make a lovely base for eye shadow and can also be used as a highlighter!

Number 4 sugar spray RRP £20 (for full sized)

I’m not usually one for salt sprays, but this can also be used as a mask or styling aid. It leaves your hair soft and smooth. Spray it onto damp or dry hair and blow dry to create soft waves.

Rituals happy Buddha foaming shower gel RRP £8.50 (for full priced)

Probably my favourite item in the box, it’s smells of oranges and cedar, yummy. It foams as soon as it comes into contact with water, and gives you lovely smooth skin.

Dr Botanicals regenerating sleeping mask RRP £14.90

This mask has a subtle scent of pomegranates, and glides onto the skin smoothly. It rejuvenates tired skin and give you a lovely hydrated glow.

CLE cosmetics melting lip powder RRP £15 ( for full sized product)

Probably the most disappointing item, it comes in a peach colour which is not for me at all. It does melt once on the lips and would work on someone else with a different complexion. This product does also work on cheeks though!

I liked this box and again you do get your money’s worth, all the items are a decent size.Overall I did love my Birchbox and would consider signing up. I like the idea of trying new items each month and I believe that they put a lot of effort into each of their boxes.

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