ASOS Monthly box – Get summer ready April review

I am probably the worst person to ask for tanning advice, my idea of getting a glossy glow is by lying in the sun for a few hours. However the sun is still not upon us and I was beginning to become bored with my pale complexion. I’ve been using skinny tan gradual taning lotion in medium which I highly recommend, but I really fancied trying some new things, so when I saw that ASOS were doing this box I knew I had to have it. Every item I know I’ll use, even the tanning foam, but I think I’ll ask a tanning expert to help me with that one. The box cost costs £12 and is honestly a bargain for what you get. I would also consider getting the yearly next day delivery pass for £10, as this will save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

Tan-Luxe The illuminating tanning butter 75ml (£24 for 200ml)

Not only a tanning product, but also a moisturiser, this butter is beautiful. It had lovely fresh scent and no fake tan smell. I didn’t find it streaky and it absorbed very quickly, my only complaint would be that it’s thick so I did have difficulty spreading it evenly over my skin.

Bondi sands self tanning foam in dark £10

I wont lie to you guys, this product terrifies me, I just have images of myself looking in the mirror the next morning and being a lovely shade of poo. I have never used an instant tanner before. I’m planning on saving it for a day when if all goes wrong I can hide away and no one will miss me. What I can tell you though is that it smells incredible!

St.Tropez bronzing water face mist 14ml (£22 for 80ml)

Used and a current favourite. The issue with using a gradual tanner on your body is that your face doesn’t match, I’m also not a huge foundation wearer so I was finding my face wasn’t matching the rest of my body. I used this spray two days in a row, spraying my face at all angles as well as my neck. I noticed a huge difference and was left with a natural, glowing tan. No patches and no horrible smell. It also dries quickly and can be used as a setting spray.

Ultrasun after sun £9.95

After sun is something I don’t use enough of, I find I become lazy and after a day in the sun I never apply it. Now with a bottle to hand I have no excuse, the smell is soft and the consistency isn’t too thick, absorbing quickly and not leaving a sticky residue.

Vita liberata Phenomenal organic tan infused cloth £15

Such a brilliant idea for travel, which is why I haven’t used mine yet. There are two inside and each should be enough for a full body application. I can’t wait to try these. Lets hope they work, follow me on instagram @holly_be_happy and I’ll post an update.

Overall this box is definitely worth the price you pay, very happy with each item and I don’t feel like any of them will go to waste.

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