April’s empties

This month I’ve worked my way through quite a few products, something I’m pretty proud of myself for. But would I buy them again?

Soft & Gentle deodorant – I firm favourite, and usually my go to deodorant. It stays on all day, doesn’t leave marks and smells lovely. YES

Nivea firming body lotion – umm… Is my body firm? Not even close. Did I notice a difference after two bottles of this stuff, nope. I would honestly say it’s the same as any other Nivea body lotion. NO

Creighton’s sunshine blonde shampoo and conditioner – I love this stuff, it’s cheap and works by reducing brassiness and lightens my hair. I’ve already bought a new set from home bargains. YES

V05 blowdry spray – This bottle lasted me month’s but didn’t really do much for my hair, it still looked frazzled and didn’t seem to protect my hair. NO

Silvikin hairspray – my favourite hairspray, hold my hair in place without looking greasy. Doesn’t smell horrible. YES

Makeup revolution concealer – I’ve already repurchased this item, however I feel like it might be the last time. It’s cheap which was the appeal, but I’m finding it drys up quickly, there isn’t a lot of product, and it really creases. I think I’ll try another one. NO

-417 facial exfoliator – this can in a Glossybox and I’ve finished it, but not a product I will be repurchasing. A good exfoliate, but in all honesty I didn’t find it any better than the simples range, also it didn’t smell the best. NO

Garnier skincare BB cream – I love this stuff, a light coverage, contains an SPF, and stays on for quite a while. Perfect for a natural looks. This is my go to daily foundation. YES

Hairflick hair vitamins – these were also a Glossybox product and I didn’t enjoy them, but as I only received a weeks sample I don’t feel like I can give a full review. However they taste like sweets and are in the shape of cute little stars. I already take vitamins like this from Holland & Barrett’s that work out much cheaper, so because of that these for me are a NO.

Versace woman eau de parfum – This was a Christmas present from a child in my class and I really liked it. A lovely scent and stayed on all day. YES

Lets see what next month brings.

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