Fashion & Beauty

Shopping makes me happy, I get excited receiving a parcel in the mail or trying out new products. It’s a way of keeping myself busy, and as long as I don’t find myself in debt I’m going to continue doing it. However I know that buying new things can’t be the sole reason for my happiness, shopping isn’t the reason I get up in the morning, I get up because I hope that today will be a better day than yesterday.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.

Novembers Birchbox

So black Friday means sales, sales and more sales. and my favourite was Birchbox! I’ve always wanted to try them but never wanted to pay full price for a box in case I didn’t like it, so I put it off. Birchbox had a deal on where they were charging £5 + postage for two… Continue reading Novembers Birchbox

January Glossybox

It’s important to spoil yourself, and I’ve recently become a huge fan of subscription beauty boxes. I’ve tried Birchbox but I decided to give Glossybox a go as I’d heard good things. The box is £10 plus £3.25 P&P, so it’s a little more expensive than Birchbox but the products are considered much better, or… Continue reading January Glossybox

Feel unique Pick & Mix

When I heard that feel unique offered 5 Pick & Mix samples for free I just knew I had to get involved and test it out. My first thought was that it was too good to be true, and with further research I discovered that postage and packaging was £3.99. However that money is then… Continue reading Feel unique Pick & Mix

Glossybox April 2019

I’ve been subscribed to Glossybox for nearly 4 months now, and this is by far the best box I have received. All items were a decent size and I honestly think that for £10 + £3.25 p&p it’s definitely worth it. This months boxes revolves around the theme fruity or floral, with there being two boxes available.… Continue reading Glossybox April 2019

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