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Full face of first impressions – June 2019

I love purchasing new makeup, however I always like to read reviews beforehand, just to make sure they’re actually worth the money. Whether it’s via the shop site, YouTube or Instagram, I love a good review, especially when you get to see it on the person face. That why I decided to try out a whole load of new makeup and give you my honest opinion.

This product is actually one I use to use quite regularly back in the day, however in all honesty I had completely forgotten how I felt about it so I thought I’d give it another go. On application it’s a thick consistency and needs quite a lot of blending, but it does cover up shine and reduces the appearance of oily skin. However after about an hour it had sunken into my pores giving me a cakey complexion, it had also settled into my fine lines and around my nose and chin. It looked terrible and I had to take it off.

Let’s just say this item is going in the donations box, it’s a huge NO from me!

I received this in last months Glossybox and I was very hesitant about using it to begin with, however after trying it I really like it. It applies well and doesn’t remove my foundation. Unfortunately I would only use one shade which seems like such a waste, but I could always pass it on afterwards. The only complaint I’d have is that it’s very difficult to get out of the pan. YES

I got this from a subscription box and it’s been sitting in the draw for a while. It’s a wet highlighter and the shade suited me perfectly. I decided to use a brush instead of the cushion it came with to make application easier and it applied very well. However because it’s a wet consistency I found that it absorbed into the skin, disappearing and taking my makeup with it, leaving me with patches on my cheeks. NO

So as you can probably tell I’ve used the product before, but I tried some new shades from it instead of my usual ones. It’s a great pallette, not makeup revolutions best, but I still love it. My only complaint would be that the gold shimmer has quite a lot of fall out. YES

This is meant to be a face highlighter, however I like to use it on my eyes as the colour is too dark for my skin tone. It comes as a roller which I placed on my eyes and then blended with my brush. It’s very nice and I’d definitely use it again. No creasing or spreading, it’s a YES.

This was a sample from Feel Unique and in all honesty I don’t see the big hype behind it. I’ve tried cheaper brands that work just as well, maybe better. It’s suppose to fill in your brows and keep them in place, however I didn’t really notice much of a difference and my eyebrows still moved around. It’s a NO.

A brilliant item that I’d use again and again, it fill in your brows, giving them a natural appearance. It comes in a range of shades and next time I think I’ll go for a lighter one just to go with my blonde hair. With its small nib it really helps to fill in your brows without them looking fake. I love it. YES

Rubbish, I’ll be giving this away as it did nothing for my lashes. I’ve been using the Loreal lash conditioner and that makes much more of an impact than this one. Apply like a mascara and then once dry apply the coloured mascara, it’s meant to help lengthen your lashes, however I noticed no difference. It’s a big fat NO.

Another useless item as it did nothing for my eyelashes. It looked like I had nothing on and it was incredibly difficult to build up. It made my lashes look very straight and it didn’t clump but other than that I was very disappointed. NO

Cheap as chips and it does the job, I like to apply it to the outer corner of my lower lash line and blend to give a smoky effect. It does come off over time but it’s so easy to reapply and fits in your bag. YES

I don’t really use the primer much as when you apply it you basically look like you’ve just applied dream matte mousse to your lips, not great. I also didn’t find that it helped keep my lipstick on for any time longer than normal. However the plumper is incredible, it smells of cinnamon and makes your lips tingle and sting which gives them a plumped appearance. YES

A very creamy lip liner in a lovely colour, but unfortunately it doesn’t stay on for very long and comes off too quickly. NO

I’d heard great things from this product but I was really disappointed, it’s a lovely colour but comes off very quickly and it’s difficult to reapply without a mirror because of its thick applicator. I don’t think I’d buy another one of these. NO

Some great finds from this first impressions but also some terrible ones, hopefully I’ll find someone who can make use of them. Hope this has helped some of you decide on your future purchases.

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