May empties

I’m very surprised by how few empties I have this month, as I’m trying to get rid of all my old products before buying new ones. Wish I could say the same about my makeup though, I can’t stop buying that ha!

Girlz only dry shampoo – I’m very fussy with dry shampoo, I’ve tried quite a few and this one is now a firm favourite. It smells lovely and doesn’t feel wet or leave a chalky residue. I’ve already repurchased two of these. YES

Creighton’s sunshine blonde silver conditioner – I love this stuff and this is already a repurchase. It’s so cheap and works incredibly well. If you want a purple shampoo or conditioner I highly recommend. YES

The body shop wild argan oil body butter – I can totally see why people rave about this body butter, it’s smells amazing and is such a thick consistency, and my skin felt so smooth after, however for the price I don’t think I’d repurchase. If anyone wants to buy it for me though that would be great! NO

Beaver cherry blossom conditioner – With it being a sample size I can’t really give this a fair verdict, but I can say that my hair felt smooth afterwards. It also didn’t leave a greasy residue which is a winner in my eyes. However with a price tag of £20 for 350ml I will definitely not be repurchasing this, my poor bank balance! NO

Nivea MicellAIR water – Just another normal Micellar water, nothing to really rave about. It removed makeup easily, though I did find myself using a lot more cotton pads than normal. It was OK, if it was on offer I’d probably repurchase again. YES

Simple soothing eyebalm – I wanted to love this as Simple is a brand I use quite often, however this made no difference to my dark circles and puffiness. NO

Clinique custom repair moisturiser – I received this as a sample and I really enjoyed it, a lovely texture and it left my face feeling smooth and not greasy. It also contains SPF 15 which makes it a good daily moisturiser. Would I repurchase it again, maybe, but I am currently on a tight budget so it would be a treat. YES

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