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Birchbox May 2019

I’ve been purchasing Birchbox since December and unfortunately this will be my last box. But before I get into that let me just give you the low down on Birchbox and how it works.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription where you’ll receive around 5 items shipped straight to your door for £10 + £2.99 P&P. Usually they have deals on where you can get an items free or reduced price boxes, however this is only available for new subscribers (unless like me you unsubscribe every month tut tut).

So why am I no longer ordering Birchbox, honestly it’s because Glossybox is just so much better and worth the price you pay. Birchbox isn’t. Last month was a terrible box as I received tiny samples as well as repeated items or brands, but I decided to give them another chance. However this month was no different, sample items and again a repeated item as well as a brand I’ve seen more than once. Also to make matters worse they’ve included a very misleading product, declaring that it’s full sized when in fact it’s not. I always like to give company’s the benefit of the doubt, but Birchbox is falling behind and I’m not going to waste my money on it anymore. Sorry.

So what items did I receive? Well what I can tell you is none of them are full sized. So let’s take a look at the samples.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – £9.50 (travel sized)

This was the naughty items that Birchbox exaggerated about. So according to the leaflet this item is full sized, however it isn’t because it’s called a travel size. To me full sized is the largest one you can get, travel sized does not count as that in my opinion. However I am looking forward to trying this as it’s a pre-shampoo treatment that adds shine and improve the condition of hair.

Mimitika face sunscreen SPF50 – full sized £17.50

This is a hydrating SPF cream to help protect your skin from sun rays. So basically a normal sunscreen, however it states to not leave any white cast and sinks in leaving a velvety complexion. This is a small item though so it’s not going to last very long.

Again not a full sized item, this is a mascara which is said to thicken, lengthen and volumise lashes as well as keeping them nice and healthy. I like mascara but I’m very fussy. This mascara has a thick consistency and does work but not one I’d purchase again.

Lord & berry ultimate lip liner – £13 (full sized)

I swear if I see one more lord & berry item in a Birchbox I’m going to lose my mind. It’s getting a little ridiculous how often Birchbox repeats brands, especially brands that aren’t even that good. So there was a choice as to whether you received a lip liner in vintage rose or an eyeliner in a black shade. I went for the lip liner as I don’t usually find myself using an eyeliner pencil. It’s ok, but again nothing that gets me excited.

Oh look another repeat item… I received this in December so you can understand why I was annoyed at finding it in my box. It’s a good scrub, the brand is good, but I’ve received it already, and not that long ago.

So the next item was not included in the box, however because I resubscribe every month this means that I get the opportunity to use new subscriber codes to receive discounts or freebies. This month I received a freebie.

This item is full sized! It’s a soft cream highlighter with a good sheen. Nothing natural about the look, however with a nice tan it would be lovely. This was probably the best item in the box and I wasn’t even meant to receive it.

Each months box also gives you a sneak peak at the main item on next month’s box. For June you’ll be looking at getting a tiny gimmi brow by benefit, something I received along with 4 other sample items from feel unique for £3.99 postage. It doesn’t give me much hope for next month’s box in all honesty, but a part of me wants them to prove me wrong. Come on Birchbox pull your socks up!

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