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ASOS monthly box – K-beauty March review

I honestly didn’t know this was a thing until stumbling upon it on the ASOS website one day. Apparently each month ASOS create a beauty box either themed around a certain brand or event etc. For £12 this box looked incredible and I had to give it a go, especially as I’m currently addicted to subscription boxes. Before it arrived all I knew was that it was based around K-beauty which stands for Korean beauty, and that it contained 5 items. ASOS aren’t the best when it comes to product description so I was completely clueless as to what each item was. I pay £9.99 a year for next day delivery, so the item arrived very quickly, however if you don’t have this subscription your looking at paying around £16 depending on which delivery option you select.

The items arrived in an ASOS branded box with some tissue paper and a card containing some information about the products, overall the presentation was lovely. All the items were full sized except the Dr Jart+ set, and for £12 I honestly believe that you’re getting your moneys worth. Currently the box is out of stock, however keep checking the site as I’m sure they’ll bring it back before the end of March.

The first item I pulled out was the Holika Holika foot mask, I’d heard great things about the brand and I wasn’t disappointed. Luckily this package arrived the week after I got back from France so my feet were completely battered and needed some TLC. It left them lovely and soft and at only £3.99 I’d purchase again.

Probably the item I’m least likely to use is this one, only because my face doesn’t need any more moisture than it already has. The travel kit contains a liquid, cream and a serum which is all the information I can tell you about them as there are no instruction on application. However Dr Jart+ is considered one of the best Korean beauty skincare brands so I’ll definitely be keeping it, just in case.

I’ve been using this item for over a week now and as of yet I haven’t noticed a difference in the amount of oil on my skin or blemish clear up. If I’m completely honest it’s actually made me break out in spots. However I’m going to continue using it until the bottle is gone to see if it improves, a week just isn’t enough time to review a skincare item. It is so easy to apply and absorbs quickly into your skin leaving it slightly sticky but not greasy, the smell is soft and not overpowering at all.

Basically a massive cotton bud which you dip in some serum and apply to the spot. I used this item and it stung like hell! It was probably because I applied it to a spot that had previously been squeezed a few hours earlier but common sense hadn’t kicked in by then. So just a heads up, do not apply to open wounds.

Don’t hate me, but I’ve gone off sheet masks, does anyone else think that they are a bit of a fad? I never really notice much of a difference on my skin after use compared to a cream mask. I’m still to use this, but follow me on my instagram @hollybehappy and I’ll make sure to give you my opinion.

Overall I was very impressed with this box, yes some of the items I probably wont get around to using just yet but I always love trying new brands and these type of boxes give you the opportunity to do that.

4 thoughts on “ASOS monthly box – K-beauty March review”

  1. I wish beauty boxes like these were a little more customized in terms of skin types but I really enjoy K-beauty, even if some of their products are a miss. Face masks are more of a rejuvenation treatment for me rather than actual treatment for my skin, face packs and creams definitely feel more active! Thanks for the review and I hope to read more soon!

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