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Working my website

I like to think of myself as a blogger, however I also like to be organised. Blogs make me stressed as I seem to find myself constantly flicking through never-ending content of things I am not interested in justs to reach that one post. I know how to use the search bar but this just seems to prolong the stress as hundred of things will pop up that are slightly related. 

I like sub headings and the grouping of similar content, which is why I decided to create this website. As well as blogging all posts will be allocated a certain subheading depending on the topic, making them easily accessible to you. E.g. Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms would be found under the mental health.

This blog is probably more for myself than for you. It’s a way of expressing my feeling and keeping me grounded, as well as busy. Topics can range from depression to rabbits to fashion, as there is no particular thing I wish to focus on. This is me on my journey to happiness and I hope you can join me. 

Happiness comes in waves, it will find you again somehow. 

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